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Tagine From MorrocoTagine From Morroco

Modern medical research found that Mediterranean diet provides substantial protection against type 2 diabetes and helps controlling this disease.

This cookbook contains 115 healthy recipes and several notes and tips teaching you how to prepare these delicious dishes. Next to each recipe you will find nutritional values, according to a normal portion for a single person.

According to the cooking art in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea and up to the Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal we call this way of preparing food the “Mediterranean-Atlantic diet”.

On 4th December 2013, Cyprus, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Morocco and Portugal were recognized by the UNESCO as countries which follow the Mediterranean diet in their nutritional habits. The UNESCO classified these habits as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”.


ISBN: 9 7837 3571 8983 Paperback 168 pages

US$ 20.41


The very new book about the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean-Atlantic DietThe Mediterranean-Atlantic Diet

At the beginning of the century Ancel Keys, an American doctor and researcher, once travelling around the Mediterranean south of Europe noticed that people living in this region, in despite their poverty, were much healthier and resistant to diseases than others living in the “welfare countries” like the USA. And they lived longer. He found the answer to this question in the nutrition habits of these nations and gave it a name: “Mediterranean diet”.

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